I’m Yolanda

a Sr Product Design Manager


My goal

To enable design teams and find that fascinating spot where business goals anticipate user needs to create delightful experiences.

Currently located in beautiful Copenhagen.

Crafting engaging digital products, empowering teams, and cultivating design practices have been my chosen therapy for the past 12 years, for both consumer-facing & SaaS businesses, in countries like Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, and Denmark, since 2018.

Some random facts about me:

I’m memory-challenged but extremely organized and notably pragmatic, I’m happiest when living near large bodies of water, I’m a vegetarian who loves chips, I enjoy learning from all types of data and research, I like watching Rugby and don’t need to understand it, I love geeking out about the psychology of digital behavior, I prefer the hands-on approach to things, I’m a Studio Ghibli fan, seeing the words “diversity” and “inclusion” together in a sentence feeds my soul, and when I swear, it often comes out in Spanish.

Always looking to join forces with driven, committed individuals because I find passion highly contagious.

My Expertise


Provide a strategic lens to build a human-centered design practice, high-quality delivery, and data-driven design processes based on a deep understanding of user needs that can translate into real business value.


Hire, manage, and mentor design teams. Oversee design operations, and implement rituals and activities that foster strong team morale, promote professional growth, and encourage a collaborative environment.


Work closely with product leaders and diverse stakeholders to integrate design culture into overall business and tech strategy and align team goals and objectives to ensure a cohesive user experience across projects and initiatives.