Here’s a little more info

about myself

and things I appreciate in work and life

As a design leader

I value cultivating a culture of support and openness within a team, partnering with different functions and creating meaningful connections, shaping team dynamics strategically with a thoughtful, direct, and slightly informal approach that’s conductive to a discovery mindset.


Things I keep in mind to guide my work

User-Centric, Data-Driven Design
Collaboration in all levels
Continuous Learning
Strategic Thinking
Leadership & Mentorship
Adaptability & Openness

I’m based in Copenhagen

Currently leading the Design System team at Trustpilot.

Crafting engaging digital products, empowering teams, and fostering design practices have been my chosen therapy for the past 12+ years, for both consumer-facing & SaaS businesses, in countries like Mexico, Belgium, Ireland, and Denmark since 2018.

Some simple facts about me:

I’m memory-challenged but extremely organized and particularly pragmatic. Living near large bodies of water gives me great joy. I’m a vegetarian who loves chips and crunchy snacks. I own a very grumpy but adorable 10-year-old Chihuahua named Carmina. I have a love-hate relationship with running. I enjoy learning from all forms of data and research. I find the psychology of digital behavior extremely interesting. I prefer the hands-on approach to tasks. I’m a Studio Ghibli fan. The mention of diversity and inclusion in a work setting warms my heart. And when I swear, it often happens in Spanish.

I’m always eager to collaborate with passionate, driven individuals because I find their energy the most contagious.